Storage, Its An Art!

Posted by Arrow Glass on Apr 5, 2016 2:09:00 PM

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The Art of Storage

Everyone can benefit from more efficient storage in a bathroom and buyers want to see that in your home. The key is to add practicality- the thin line between function and style.

Here’s what to consider with storage:



Have you noticed the difference between bathrooms have have products on top of the counters versus bathrooms that don’t? Bathrooms without cluttered countertops look cleaner even if the cluttered bathroom is clean as well.


Our eyes favor clean lines so lets find another spot for your face cleanser.


The idea is to camouflage everything you use in the bathroom so you can showcase your design work. Consider the storage space of the hall or adjoining room.


How much wall space do you have for shelves and racks?


You can customize the space you have in cabinets to create shelving that uses the height available. Think about how you can strategize to create a space to camouflage all of your bathroom essentials.

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Décor Plays a Role

Consider how many of the wall shelves you’ve decided on will be used for storage, and how many will be used for décor. It is good to start with a strategy before you begin putting up shelves. Determine which areas will be used for décor and which will be for storage.


Vanity Units

Does that mirror you have in mind coordinate with your lighting, wall space, and overall layout? Does the cut of the glass mesh with the shape of the sink you have in mind? Consider the materials being used here, while keeping costs and color palette in mind.


Don’t Leave Out Your Walls

Some times walls don’t get the credit they deserve. Every inch in your bathroom is fair game so think about how you can use your walls to your advantage. In terms of décor think about adding plants specifically designed to be added to walls.

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Consider wall space and material source in relation to color palettes, and other options, such as adding towel hardware to the glass of your shower enclosure to enhance functionality in cases of limited wall space.


Adding strategic storage areas to your bathroom will make it efficient. Don’t let your design details be covered up by all your bathroom products. Download the Bathroom Remodeling Checklist for the complete guide to help in your rennovations.

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