Better Design: Shower Doors or Curtains?

Posted by Arrow Glass on Oct 2, 2017 12:21:55 PM

Bathroom with glass shower enclosure and doors

The shower area is one of the most frequently renovated areas of the bathroom, and for good reason. When it comes time to put your home on the market, few home improvements increase your homes value like a sparkling new glass shower. However, when first starting out, common question new homeowner’s ask themselves is “Should my shower include shower doors or curtains?” While a case could be made for the ease of use and low cost of curtains, we always recommend glass shower doors for their beauty and the impact they will have on your home’s value.

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Why are Shower Doors Better than Curtains?

We should start out by mentioning that there are some pretty nifty curtains out there. Who didn’t have some shower curtain, metro map design in college, am I right? But for those of us that have refined our tastes a bit, glass shower doors offer more beauty and functionality in your bathroom. Here are our top reasons shower doors are better than curtains:

Visual Appeal

Glass shower doors add refinement and give the space a more upscale look. This is ultimately a matter of personal taste, but the general consensus is that shower doors are the more aesthetically pleasing of the two choices.

Let the Light In

Shower doors made of clear glass let in more light and can convert your dreary old bathroom into a bright and inviting space that everyone will enjoy.

Today’s frameless shower designs are free of metal strips, which simultaneously showcases the glass, but more importantly the other elements of your bathroom. Moreover, specialty glass choices such as low iron and Shower Guard appeal to homeowners who want a shower defined by flawlessly transparent glass.

Shower Curtain Drawbacks

Shower with shower curatins

There are also a few drawbacks to shower curtains that have homeowners thinking twice about which type of shower barrier to go with.

  • If the curtain and liner are not adjusted properly, they can allow water to stream out of the enclosure and onto your bathroom floor.
  • Shower curtain liners retain moisture longer than glass, and have the tendency to develop mildew over time (which is rather hard to clean).
  • Curtains can also wrinkle, and you must buy new ones every time you change the décor or design of your bathroom interior.

Customized Options

Custom shower doors offer high-level functionality paired with versatility. When ordering a custom glass shower, there are a few important variables to consider, such as type of glass, hardware style, hardware finish, door type, stall dimensions and so on. Here are some examples:

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