Home Renovation: Transform These 3 Rooms

Posted by Arrow Glass on May 23, 2017 2:54:56 PM

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3 Rooms to Transform in Your Home Renovation

At some point, every homeowner experiences the need for a renovation. Whether the project is a small or large-scale makeover, odds are you will have to consider new windows, cabinets, or glass bathroom installments. Glass can be utilized in almost every room of the house, but the following three rooms can uniquely transform your home with the right glass!


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The bathroom serves as a key focus for home remodeling projects for good reason. For the cost, renovating your bathroom often results in increasing the resale value of your home, and has the biggest visual influence on potential buyers. Including the right glass can have a dramatic effect in this space!

  • Vanity Mirrors – This vital piece of glass probably gets more attention than you think. Take advantage by updating to beveled edges, or go for the elegant antique look. Related : Design Tips for Your Bathroom Mirror 
  • Shower Enclosures – Maximize your existing shower by enclosing it in glass. This will make the room look bigger and modernize the feel your bathroom
  • Glass Partition – For high traffic bathrooms, partitioning off the toilet with a bit of privacy glass improves functionality 
  • Glass Shelving - Organize your bathroom in style with these stylish additions



Your kitchen is another area that can be drastically transformed with the addition of glass. Adding a glass backsplash can really make the room shine, and is an easy way to increase the resale value of your home. These backsplashes are easy to clean, and are available in any color you’d like. Changing the feel of your kitchen has never been so easy!


Another great way to add contemporary style and value to your kitchen is to incorporate glass cabinetry. These cabinets are also available in many different colors, patterns, and designs. For an easy and complete makeover look, match your new glass backsplash with glass cabinets for a look that will impress guests (and potential home buyers)!

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Home Office

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The home office shouldn’t be a space that conjures up negative emotions. Sure, you might spend hours in this room slogging through reports or hunching over your computer, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect its design. With the right layout, your home office can be a quiet place of study and reflection. Here are a few tips to renovate this space:

  • Glass Shelving – These storage systems don’t just look great in the bathroom! Use glass shelves to organize books and supplies, while refreshing the room's feel. 
  • Back Painted Glass White Board– Get your creative juices flowing, or organize your schedule by hanging some back painted glass and using it as a whiteboard
  • Skylights – Revitalize your office by bringing in lots of natural light with a laminated glass skylight.

Remodeling your home with some eye-catching glass has never been easier! The pros at Arrow Glass and Mirror have over 20 years experience installing the glass of your dreams. Call us today at (512)339-4888 for a free consultation.


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