5 Design Tips For Your Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Posted by Arrow Glass on Dec 6, 2016 12:22:30 PM

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Double vanities are standard for master bathrooms, and can also be convenient to incorporate in other bathrooms when 2 or more people are sharing it. Mirrors can brighten any space and make a bathroo feel larger. It can be challenging to decide what type of mirrors to use and where to place them. Here are 5 ways to position your vanity mirror(s).

2 Rectangular Mirrors 

This is the most common choice for vanity mirror placement. It delineates each bathroom users space that they are responsible for. It also adds a symmetrical balance to the space. A long and skinny mirror will allow you to see yourself as you are getting ready for the day. Keep mirror size in mind if you want it to double as a medicine cabinet.

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bathroom vanity mirror

2 Square Mirrors

Just like rectangular mirrors, square mirrors visually represent each person’s side. There isn’t a huge difference between rectangular and square mirrors, besides personal preference. Pick the style that matches your bathroom style.

bathroom mirror

One Large Mirror

If you want to share your mirror space and create a unified look, then choose a large mirror to cover the width of your vanity space. One mirror will tie a room together since there is a single focus in the room. You can hang a large mirror up or get one that fills up your wall.

Round Vanity Mirrors

2 Round Mirrors

Again, 2 mirrors add symmetry to your bathroom. Rounded mirrors will soften up a bathroom giving it a calm atmosphere. They will break up any bathroom that has harsh lines.

Artistic Mirrors

Feel like getting out of the box? Think about incorporating a unique mirror to your vanity. It will add a functional, as well as artistic flare for your bathroom. It also allows you to customize your bathroom to reflect your own personality.

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