Avoid These Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Posted by Arrow Glass on May 2, 2017 2:30:47 PM

Woman Planning a Bathroom Renovation

Avoid Mistakes When Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom is no small undertaking. Along the way, you’ll want to make sure to get the most out of your time and money by avoiding these common bathroom renovation mistakes.

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Choosing the Wrong Shower Door

 When it comes to choosing the right shower door, you have a few options depending on the space you have in your bathroom. While swinging glass doors look great, they aren’t always the most practical especially if your space is limited. Because most swinging doors must be installed to open outward, you’ll want to make sure that there’s plenty of room for clearance around other fixtures, furniture, or doorways. Of course one easy solution is to choose a glass sliding door instead to maximize your space!


Using Paint That Doesn’t Stand Up to Moisture

 For some homeowners, the bathroom serves as a type of sanctuary. It’s a space that allows you a brief escape, and the color of paint in your bathroom can play an important part of that peaceful retreat. All bathrooms get wet however, so choosing a paint that can stand up to moisture and humidity is critical. Without using the proper paint, you may be inviting mold into your home so it’s worth the extra time and effort to research paints that are specifically designed for bathroom interiors.


Leaving Too Many Grout Lines to Clean

Hands Cleaning Bathroom Tile Grout

 Incorporating tile in the bathroom is a natural fit, as it brings style and texture to any space. One aspect that many homeowners forget is that with tile comes all that grout that needs to be cleaned. Before you know it, grime and mildew can accumulate, so you’ll want to make sure to choose the right location and tile sizes for your cleaning habits. Minimizing those grout lines is easy, if you follow these tips:

  • Use larger tiles in your shower to minimize the number of grout lines.
  • Seal and protect the grout to ensure it doesn’t get moldy.
  • Utilize seamless glass instead to cut down on grout lines.


Installing Inefficient Fixtures and Windows

 Today, bathrooms have the added benefit of being efficient as well as aesthetically appealing. If you’ve already taken the time to design your bathroom with a beautiful glass shower enclosure, consider also installing a water-saving shower-head to be environmentally responsible (and save a few dollars)! Other ways to save on water is to fit your bathroom with a toilet and sink faucet that reduces H20 usage. Likewise, if your bathroom has an old window, you can reduce energy costs by simply replacing the glass with Low-E glass from Arrow Glass and Mirror!

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