5 Things You Need Know about Decorating with Mirrors

Posted by Arrow Glass on Jul 26, 2017 5:58:30 PM

Custom Mirror with decorative frame

Decorating with Mirrors? Here's 5 Pro Tips!

Decorating with mirrors is the perfect way to reflect more light in your home, while increasing its charm. However, most homeowners may not be aware of the pitfalls of decorating with the wrong mirror. Here, we’ll go over the 5 things every homeowner should know about decorating with mirrors.

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Custom Mirrors in Odd Shaped Spaces

Hanging stock-sized mirrors above surfaces that aren’t even can seriously throw off the feel of the room (unless you’re going for that carnival fun-house look). Ordering a custom-cut piece of mirror glass however can bring an element of symmetry and sophistication to the room, and will mask the irregular angle of your wall surface.


Avoid Mirror Overkill

Wall mirrors can have an elegant affect in your home, but just like anything else, they’re only good in moderation. As an example, large bathroom mirrors can be extravagant additions to the space. However, if your bathroom also has a number of fixtures or medicine cabinets installed, cramping an already busy wall with additional mirrors can overwhelm the space. On the other hand, a simple vanity mirror centered above the bathroom sink has a traditional look and wont overcrowd the room.


Sufficient Space for a Vanity Mirror

Long vanity mirror in bathroom

Along with not overdoing it, you'll need enough mirror space to correspond to your household’s demands. For instance, if you and your spouse both use the double vanity in the morning, you wouldn’t want to hang an oval mirror between the two sinks, even though it might look nice from a purely decorative standpoint. Instead, order a custom mirror that extends along the whole top of the vanity or beyond. Alternatively, you can a hang two separate mirrors, one above each sink.

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Mirror Frames that Enrich Your Room’s Décor

circular mirror with custom frame

Framed mirrors are often used in home design, as they can serve as versatile pieces of art. The mirror glass automatically conforms to the style of the room by reflecting your décor. However, the frame must be carefully selected in order to to complement with the theme and color scheme of the space. Your choice of frame can even tip the scales in favor of one trend or another – i.e. an ornate frame that dresses things up or a sleek modern frame that updates the room’s look.


Vary the Shapes of Your Home’s Mirrors

If you’re decorating with mirrors, don’t limit yourself to rectangles alone. Look at each section of wall space and determine the mirror shape that will most effectively give it beauty and visual interest. While the possibilities are endless, here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Circular
  • Oval
  • Hexagon
  • Diamond
  • Square


At the end of the day, if you want superior mirrors tailored to your home décor, Arrow Glass and Mirror, Inc. is the place to call! We offer both stock and custom mirrors along with professional installation, so contact us today at (512) 339-4888!


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